the blogger

I'm Sarah, but you may call me Miki if you wanna feel a bit more Japanese.

I praise God, I fangirl, I rant, I reminiscent, I write, I stalk, I go crazy; practically everything sane, I'll do it here.

This serves only a purpose; a place where I can be me wholeheartedly and look back into it in the future, seeing on how much I've grown; or how silly I used to be. :)

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My celebrities relations

Mukai Osamu is my husband, Mukai-sama.
Inoue Joe is someone I (not so) secretly admire and also have a crush on, Joe.
Aiba Masaki is my cheating partner, Aibaba/Masaki-kun.
Arioka Daiki is my high school crush, Daiki/Arioka-kun.
Micky Park Yoo Chun and I have a complicated relationship, Chun/Chun-kun/YooChun/Yuchun.
Hyuuga Neji is my ninja boyfriend, Neji-kun.

Ohno Satoshi is my elder brother, Oh-niichan.
Morimoto Ryutaro is my younger brother, Ryu-tan.
Naito Daigo is my best friend, DAIGO.
Nara Shikamaru is my genius twin, while Akimichi Choji is my birthdate twin.

FLOW and I are doing a secret collaboration.