Thursday, March 19, 2009

You see me daily, huh?

Consecutive 2 days I update my blog :)
Just to bring you
Picture of the day!
Ahhh~ Happy day, ain't it?
I was with Hizuru in school to tend and save our Science and Maths club herbal garden.
Yes, no offence, but I was pissed off because "someone" told us there'll be tools for us to tend the garden, and NOO. Nada, hands of ours and some random things we used to tend the garden.
I plucked one thing out, I forgot what's it called, TUMERINE? xD


Sausage is tasty desu~
Mood: In pain
Song : Kaze no mukou e
Food : 1901 sauage sandwich
Place : Home in front of the computer

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