Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The-Day-Before-Exam Post

Its the day before exam,
When I sit down in front of the computer;
Things running around in my mind,
Never ever stopping.

So, I am here~

#1: Happy birthday Chingz! Stay pretty always! God bless you :)

#2: "Sayur" and Abo-abo has a boyfriend. Well, apparently, they are sharing the boyfriend. No, to make things clearer, they are fighting for that guy T-T

The story started.
KK walked into our class when we were having physics. Then Sayur and Aboabo started to "flail" in fan-girlism, quoting at the same time "ehh, my boyfriend! He's so cute!"


Then I was astonish, but I realised the sarcasm.
Well DUH, who'll like KK? (sorry for insulting your boyfriend, Sayur and Aboabo xD)
They gave me permission to talk about their boyfriend :)

#3: Tomorrow is the start of the 2nd term a.k.a. midterm exam. 12 weekdays STRAIGHT of examinations. If I experienced bad hair day, it must be due to over studying and burning the roots of my hair.

#4: Guess that I'll have to say "Hello Goodbye" to Arashi for 2 weeks! T-T

Just a picture of my "boyfriend"!
*proceeds to hug that HAWT guy <3~*

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