Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy birthday to mee~ xD

*Happy birthday, Miki! Loads of rabu from Arashi*

*is dreaming*
Gosh, how I hope that Arashi is really wishing me happy birthday...

Anyway, on to blog post!

Its my birthday today, so Happy Birthday, me!

I've been on this world for 16 years already, to be exact.
And not to say, my life was content with everything I need.
I feel very grateful for all.
Great appreciation to all :)

So, in conjunction with my birthday and my 100th blog post (yesh, I'm sure, its my HUNDREDth blog post!), I'm going to talk about 100 facts about my 16 year old life!
Wish me luck that I can make it till the end o.o xD

*facts are not arrange chronologically*

1. 16 year old.
2. A girl.
3. Wears spectacles.
4. Currently wearing braces.
5. Has a height of 173cm.
6. Is not very happy about her weight.
7. Is not very clever.
8. Loves clover, especially four leaf ones.
9. Started her anime addiction during year 2007.
10. Started her Japanese addiction during year 2007.
11. Started school since year 1997.
12. Started sitting behind class (due to height) since year 1999.
13. Started wearing spectacles since year 2000.
14. Had changed her mobile number 4 times.
15. Cried singing a song to farewell her friend.
16. Was randomly chosen by teacher to sing graduation songs with other students on stage.
17. First performed in kindergarten concert.
18. First reward on dancing competition in Sunway Pyramid.
19. First ice skate on year 2008.
20. Was bullied in kindergarten.
21. Got two chairs from the headmaster of kindergarten.
22. Sat on blue chair for every year studying in kindergarten. Got those chairs for that reason.
23. Misses kindergarten days.
24. Misses primary school days.
25. Dreading college/university days. xD
26. Eager to drive.
27. Eager to go Japan.
28. Flunk the chance to learn Japanese during primary school days.
29. Has a total of 1 sibling.
30. Has a piano at home, which didn’t tuned since the day it’s bought (year 2000)
31. Can solve the Rubik’s cube (3x3 one).
32. Believed witchcraft when her friend mixed shampoo, wax and loads of stuff together. T-T
33. Started reading THICK story books during year 2007.
34. Was always sick when young.
35. Laughs with mouth wide open if too happy/funny.
36. Once loved Scott’s Emulsion.
37. Went to Hong Kong on year 2007.
38. Sat for UPSR on year 2005.
39. Graduated from primary school on year 2005.
40. Sat for PMR on year 2008.
41. Once tried to iron mum’s shirt without the iron.
42. Succeeded in ironing that shirt. (not telling how I did it xD so embarrassing xD)
43. Imitated mum when calling/chatting with aunt through phone.
44. Had a birthday party at McDonalds during year 2005.
45. Had a birthday party at home during year 2007.
46. Had a birthday party at home during year 1995.
47. Represented primary and secondary school in calligraphy writing,
48. Loves to eat chocolate.
49. When bored, she stuffs herself with food.
50. Is good in mathematics (not meant to brag!! xD)
51. Loves Osamu Mukai after watching Honey and Clover.
52. Was once very very addicted to Naruto.
53. Has a collection of Naruto posters, Naruto magazines, Naruto merchandise and Naruto cosplay gears.
54. Is working on a scrapbook.
55. Had only been to a local concert.
56. Dreamt of being a warrior.
57. Pranked a friend during Valentines Day on year 2005.
58. Was in a flood in primary school. No studies that day! xDD
59. Witness fire (kebakaran) during primary school.
60. Is a proud Arashi fangirl!
61. Was chosen to become a prefect in primary school.
62. Turned down the offer.
63. Witness friends playing with ice-cream jelly.
64. Eats Quaker oats for breakfast almost EVERY morning.
65. Has a Yahoo!mail account, gmail account and hotmail account.
66. Is a Christian.
67. Has a purple computer table.
68. Joined choir.
69. Joined caroling.
70. Quite insane when happy.
71. Likes to joke around.
72. Loves roleplaying.
73. Likes to write notes.
74. Once loved pink.
75. Someone loved pink and threatened her not to love pink.
76. Then she loved purple.
77. Someone left and she likes back pink.
78. Dislikes pink and loves purple.
79. Loves receiving angpau during Chinese New Year.
80. Went to Singapore during year 2005.
81. Had 2 best friend who roleplayed with her as Madagascar characters.
82. Started loving orchestra a lot after watching Nodame Cantabile live.
83. Had watched more than 20 animes.
84. Had watched more than 19 Jdrama.
85. Had heard more than 300 Jpop music.
86. Is not photogenic.
87. Totally love FFVII Advent Children.
88. Dreams of having a PSP.
89. Has a Gamboy Advance SP.
90. Enjoys dreams because they make impossible possible.
91. Talks in dreams, aka sleep talking.
92. Kitchen is paradise to her xD
93. Bad in sports.
94. Wanted to be a doctor in the future xD
95. Brushes teeth for 5 minutes.
96. Had names like “Snake nai”, “Melman”, “Ah Soon” and more :)
97. Is always hungry.
98. Is straining her brain writing this.
99. Is very very grateful that this is coming to an end.
100. Is happy ! xD

There you go, not really 100 facts about me! xD
Good day yo!


W'Leong™ said...

owh,today ur birthday o~
Happy Birthday! XD
hope its nt too late :p

Miki Hyuuchiha said...

*points accusingly* You're not late... xD Thanks for the wish, dude :)