Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Nino!

Ah! Late by a minute.. Anyways.. Happy Birthday Ninomiya-kun! Will sleep now and edit post later today.. :)

[EDITED] 7.17pm
I'm baack ^^
At school after waking up from my LATE night sleep...
I realised that I should've just posted this blog post at 11.00pm, 16 June because Japan is earlier than Malaysia by 1 hour.
Then I could've got more sleeping time..
But overall, I felt proud to tahan stay up till 12.00am ^^

Lets start with my sincere birthday wish to Arashi's Kazunari Ninomiya~

Let me "sing" a birthday song first!
Happy birthday to you,
S'lamat Hari Jadi~

I don't really know Nino [as well as other Arashi-boys], but I hope YOU Nino will be as cute as ever~
A picture to celebrate his special day..
*wonders what are Arashi doing now..*
Arashi Forum

Happy Birthday Nino-kun!

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