Monday, June 8, 2009

Holiday Day 10

Woke up THIS (6.30 am) early to go for a Award Ceremony.
What award?

Sime Darby Employee's Children Excellence Award or something like that xD

And I got RM500 [don't rob me]
And they had NICE food there.. xD

After that went back home and watch Atashinchi no Danshi episode 2!
Violence is involved, children underage please do not watch.
I'm being lame

Then went out again to the orthodontist to change the wire for my braces..
And I got this elastic chain around my upper teeth..
And its Purple!
Its soo pain T-T

Which leads us to our PV today,
Barefoot Future!
Oops, its Hadashi no Mirai by Arashi!

And I tell you!
This PV is CHOOO nice desu!
Aiba is so pretty (yes he is! Don't deny)
And Jun is soo cute xD
Ohno is hilarious and Nino is .. funny too.
And Sho? He is the Sho. xD

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