Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pocky found at oil department, not Japanese food department? Sunway Pyramid's Jusco gotta learn how to manage their things xD

Lets start with co-curiculum in school..

This is the very first time I hate going to BSMM meeting.
Usually if Adrian do kawad, I still accept. At least, I still have that interest in it. ^^
But then, halangan komando (he called it kawad as well) for today was the suckiest thing I've ever did!
Duck walk under his counting, frog jump under his counting, balancing walk under his counting, and combination of duck walk and frog jump under his counting.
DAMN, I can't feel my legs already. T-T

Oh, and dear Hizuru is sick.. So sick.. And she still went for the meeting..
Hope she get well soon.
Note to Hizuru : eats 3 vitamin C a day! Make sure its 500g ones.. xD Drink 20 cups of water and sleep early. Dand, I have to remind you to do that always.

H1N1, the recent scary sickness that strikes everywhere, yet I still went out shopping! xD
Sunway Pyramid.
The last time one was at Subang Parade, where I ate at Sushi King and bought Pocky..
This time, I ate at Sushi King again, and bought Pocky xD
But this time Sushi King ate normal ones, no special ^^

After I ate, my mum and I went to Jusco, shopping~
I saw these cute bottles..

And of course, Pockys!
I saw these at the oil department, not the Japanese food department.. LOL..
First I went to the Japanese food department and saw no Pocky and I went all "unbelievable, Japanese food, no Pocky?!" and went all emo and sad and grieving. Then with the "encouraging" words from my mum, I started hunting again, without any hope and I saw them!!
And I bought these two!
My computer wallpaper xD Spongebob!!

This are the contents inside.
[left to right: Kiwi, Cookies, Strawberry]
Maybe I'm gonna try one tomorrow!

Signing off.

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