Friday, August 28, 2009

Mukai Osamu's first leading role in drama

Rising actor Osamu Mukai (27) has landed his first starring role in a television drama series. The show is tentatively titled "Bouchou Mania 09."

The drama is adapted from Toro Kitao's manga "Saibancho! Koko wa Choeki 4 Nen de, Dousuka?" Mukai plays a part-timer who winds up sitting in the audience at a trial for the first time. He instantly becomes fascinated with the human interactions that take place inside the courtroom, and he turns it into a hobby.

The series will air on NTV on Thursday nights at 11:58pm, starting on October 22.

Source: Tokyograph

Kya~!~! Mecha ureshii! First Aiba-chan, and now Mukai-kun! <3 I feel very happy for both of them *hugs*

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