Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hello~ I'm back!

There's a secret in that mobile barcode! If your mobile phone has a barcode reader, great! You can uncover the secret in that barcode.. Hee hee hee..

Hisashiburi, minna!
I was busy with watching dramas, namely Hana Yori Dango Returns and Hana Yori Dango Final! My my, what can I say? That drama is the best of all best! (:

As of Monday
Went shopping with my mom and younger brother.. It wasn't that fun (mainly because my brother's rebellious nature which cause me and mummy to get angry at him >.<) but still, it was quite fun after a long time of not shopping!
Petit chocolate flavour! Maximum umai~ You know I have a soft spot for chocolate, don't cha?
Famous Amos chocolate chip no nut cookies! The best chocolate chip cookie ever! And got free gift! Heh heh...
I chose this because it has a green doesn't look like a bunny. It reminds me of..
This better-and-more-like-a-bunny bunny. Aiba Masaki's there too! ^-^

Then, my brother wanted to play those kids riding things, what'cha call that?
With okaa-san!
And he got excited playing in the McDonalds mini playground.
And he decided to share with fellow blog readers, Thomas and Friends pretzels! Hahaha xD

There, I'm so lazy to continue on what happened on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and yesterday >.< So, good luck on figuring put what's the code and tata~

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