Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I only received one comment for my icons. T-T I SO FAIL

But I don't want to!

Lols. but this won't stop me making icons! If people don't appreciate it, its alright, I'll just continue my best, keep on making until I'm pro and then NYAHAHA. I sound like a pathetic fella.

I wish I have a friend where you call true friend. ^0^

Browsing through my files just now, I saw some screencaps of AtaDan I wanted to share during last last week.. *bang*
It was in episode 11, where Chisato had to fulfill the 10 mothering goals to get the ULTIMATE treasure! 1 of them was sewing the sons' names on the wristband.. She should've sewed 風, but instead she sewed 嵐 xD
And her end products, with 風, not 嵐.. But still was I excited seeing the word 嵐 in there xD

BTW, I feel like doing this to someone right now. xP

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