Monday, November 30, 2009

Its the New Moon!

:D Went out with my 6 school friends and 2 CCC friends, to watch the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie! And I kept on reminding Hizu that it was Chinen Yuri's birthday.

We made a deal to arrive at Sunway Pyramid at 10.15am so that we could choose a better place in the cinema. I reached there at about 10.05am. I waited, and waited, and waited, but no one came. Then I see the time, 10.15am. Someone should be reaching by now! And WHO KNOWS? Everyone was late (beside Ida, she was there for ice skating earlier than all of us xD).

Ok, so finally someone came and we went to the cinema. Much hassle during the ticket claiming time, and the baka cashier didn't give us our change. Remember, its the Sunway Pyramid TGV Cinemas' cashier who didn't give us change! They tipu duit! And then Hizu, Aoi and I bought large popcorn each! Haha~

So we 3 sat together to the middle-extreme-left, while others sat to the middle-extreme-right because, Aoi is a heavy talker, commenting on every part of the movie, so we cannot sit together with our friends or we'll ruin disturb them xD But Aoi got a comment from someone behind her.

Sad to say that New Moon was somehow boring at some parts. Its been long since I read the book, so its like a new thing to me, when I don't really remember what happened. Since its not really spoiled, I still wonder why I find the movie boring, compared to Twilight, which is totally spoiled because I read the book not long before the movie.

All in all, it wasn't that fun =.= Yes, I'm ranting here.

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