Thursday, November 26, 2009

Its our tsuribaka's birthday today!

I know I made a post already, but why not another one? :D

Fanvid by Tenjostyle @ LJ! She always make great fanvideos ♥

And my list of things he might have did today :D
(my assumptions, NOT TRUE!)
1. Received spam mails from Chinen Yuuri (♥) first thing when the clock strikes 12~
2. Received spam mails of birthday wishes from friends and family.
3. Received a very very lovely birthday wish from Kazu-kun~
4. Received mails from each Arashi members!
5. Finally slept when the ringing and alarming stopped.
6. Sudden knock on the door and it appeared to be EVERYONE! xD
7. Woken up by the knocking and ringing of the door and doorbell respectively. :D
8. Ate a gigantic ferocious cake with cream drawn Satoshi portrait! And also 49 29 candles ♥
9. Had a wild party! And I think it haven't ended xDD
10. Being tired~

Ok, 10 is enough, or I'll get sued for doing this!

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