Friday, December 25, 2009

Meri Kurisumasu!

Its Christmas~ And to celebrate this fateful day, I'm here to post some videos ♥

Hey! Say! JUMP Christmas Medley~ So cute right? I KNOW! (BTW, this isn't this year's)

BUT WAIT! Before you watch that, watch this first~

This is the original song ♥

And greetings from them~ (not this year's too!)

Will be back with my report on my church's Christmas celebration~

-EDIT 10.18pm-
Let's talk about my church's Christmas event first :D
Sang songs, gave offerings, listen to a pastor preach, wish everyone Merry Christmas. :D

Music Station Super Live Christmas Special
I came in like what, 4 hours before the show starts and freakin' internet connection betrays me D8 It started at 7.00pm Japan time, and at that moment internet connection decided to rebel. And when I managed to open KeyHoleTV, 2000 users on TV Asahi! That means, user limit. I cannot go in anymore. I went to Arashi Forum and complained to the people there xD And I didn't give up! I clicked and clicked and clicked. And FINALLY I managed to go into the crowd! Just right on time, Hey! Say! JUMP entered ♥ and I flailed with Sav throughout the whole show (well not whole, because we both quitted after Arashi performed xD). When I finally managed to get in, I cried tears of happiness (plus seeing the entering of Hey! Say! JUMP :D but.. I missed Arashi's Dx). So people performed.. Me and Sav flailing at each other in MSN. And then Hey! Say! JUMP appeared, to sing Christmas Medley! OK, I flailed big time, laughing to myself as well, crying. But Daiki had no closeup shots! DAMN YOU CAMERAMAN! Nono, Kei had LOADS, but still. Daiki is my ICHI, and Kei is NI! They sang beautifully! And then other sing sing sing. Not to mention, throughout the whole show, I got kicked out several times, Sav earning screams from me that I couldn't log back in. And then LUCKILY, I survived through to watch Dong Bang TVXQ's performance of my favourite song from them - Stand By U. So I cried again xD And YUSH! THEY SANG RAIBULIVE because it sounds different from the studio version of Stand By U. NOW I REALLY LOVE THEM :D Then I also saw Syeefa's celebrity dad, Fukuyama Masaharu, sing and played the guitar [?] at the same time! He's one cool ojii-san otou-san :D AND THEN FINALLY ARASHI CAME!


I clicked, and clicked, and clicked. AND FINALLY made it through! After Arashi's performance, I didn't have the willpower to continue anymore for the remaining artistes. I closed, and here I am xD (well, I'm not here right after I closed ;P)

Syeefa's celebrity KAKKOII dad~

Dong BangTVXQ's Stand By U (with a very HOT MICKY xD)

Hey! Say! JUMP's Christmas Medley, THIS YEAR!

Arashi's Believe and Everything

Edit 31.01.2010: All the videos are either removed or claimed copyright. Therefore, please search other places to watch. Thank you!

Great thanks to all my contacts on Facebook to see my spamming status updates about Super Live~
AND OF COURSE, to those I flailed along with! Savvy, Julia and Dee! I love you all ♥

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