Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Despise You

*coughs* I'm still sick. And its getting worse D:

A trip to INTI College
Early in the morning, I gathered with my classmates at the assembly ground. After the other classes returned to their respective classes for P&P (Pelajaran dan Pembelajaran trans. Study and Learn), we sat in the middle of the wide site.

"Where do we go," I clapped my hands twice, "where do we go." I sang. It was actually in Malaysia language, "Mana pergi kita".

Mom followed suit and sang with me. After some long wait with some gossiping and singing, Assistant Class Monitor (ACM) said that we were supposed to return to class first. Upon entering our class, my classmates hungout for a while; some were leisurely talking and some were playing UNO Stacko. My 2 moms and I were just stoning. I had nothing better to do and I have to stay active, I went to the graph white board and started erasing the marker pen inks which were there since eternity. Keeping myself busy with the duster on my right and a fresh marker pen on my left, I erased my way out of it, earning some shouts from my mom on my ridiculous act.

"Ooi, what are you doing?"

"Erasing the board?"

After erasing almost the whole board, I gave up as some parts were irrubable. I'm a right-handed person and since I was using my left hand to hold the marker before that, I decided to doodle on the white board with my left hand. I wrote "Choi Minho <3 Syeefa" which is my mom. I doodled some other words too, like "Arashi" and "Hey! Say! JUMP" . OMG, I'm so predictable.

Then after much waiting, ACM came and told us to gather. Our trip starts!

「OK, typical trip description, with all the bus and traveling and stuff. I'll leave out the boring parts.」

Upon reaching the college (FYI I'm still in high school, although this is my last year), the 5 Arifians posed in front of the lobby and took some pictures for the senior page of our school magazine. We headed to our destination, a room kinda like a hall? I don't know, I literally forgot everything that was told. Since INTI College merged with the Metropolitan College, the school ground was quite big, resulting us walking across the basketball court, up a flight of stairs, through the sunny corridor, down a flight of stairs, across the performance site and up 2 flights of stairs. While walking up the stairs, the organiser said something.

"It feels like back in school, right?"

Since I was quite, but not really a distance away from him, I replied sarcastically, but soft enough not to be heard.

"Uhh, we are still in school dude," which I earned a smack on the back by mom. When we entered the double-air-cond room, we were presented with a presentation about motivation and career.

After the ending of the presentation (with 2 toilet breaks in between), we were divided into 2 groups to be led by the college student to tour around the college. Do I need to repeat myself HOW BIG is the college?

After touring, we went to another room to have our "recess", or lunch, breakfast, brunch... Whatever. And alas, we return to school bitter school (since mom don't allow me to say school sweet school).

I'm the group leader for a curricular club, the Science and Maths Club, namely group 7 leader. I have this group member which I really wanna announce his name to the whole world and sound my dissatisfaction about him.

SIEW KAR CHUN, I hate you.
I hate you since day 1, the day I heard about you. I hate you since day 1, the day I saw you. I hate you since day 1, the day you came to my group. I HATE YOU THOROUGHLY THROUGHOUT MY MENTAL,

1st case: The day I heard about you was through my friend. You were her ex-boyfriend and she sounded out everything bad about you. I was shocked to learn that you entered my school for high school.

2nd case: The day I saw you, you annoy me loads. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you act. I dislike everything about you. DESPISE YOU.

3rd case: You came in my group, without any acknowledgment like a simple "Hi group leader!". You weren't cooperative since day 1 you were in my group. Treasure hunting requires speed and all you do is slack and walk like some... Idiot. I shouted "RUN!" at you and you just ignore me. The second time of our treasure hunting, you disappeared and reappeared when we finished all the task. The third time which was today's meeting, you told me you don't want to play. I told Miss Ong. YEAH, I DESPISE YOU. Its your fault she shouted your name across the Physics lab. And then you idiot have to ask.

"Who was the one who told Miss Ong?"

"I don't know." I replied him, annoyed.

"It must be you, who else would have."

"Then what to do? You don't want to play."

I got a better strategy, Next time you don't join and if my group wins, you shall not get the credits. YOU SHALL NOT.

You are younger than me by a year and you act all cocky. I'm your senior, HELLO! What dog you call me? WHAT F**KING PIG ARE YOU?!!!!!

I need to calm down. I really hope you would see this post. I REALLY DO.

「Gosh, I sound really mad. Yes, I REALLY AM to be using that "F" word which I don't use.」

By the way! I was watching something in TV when this question came into my head.
Why do you press harder on the remote-control when you know the battery is dead?

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