Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Sarah Soon!"

We had Hari Koperasi today! The perasmian (making official) of the day was done in the morning, with 4 speeches in total OMG XD And then we had almost an hour of recess break! This is what happened.

I realised Hou Ching's white shirt had a small tear on the left side of her shoulder. I went and touch it and informed her about it. She just agreed and pulled up her sleeve to cover the tear. Then, Su Yin went and accidentally pulled it down, hard. We could all hear the sound of the tear becoming bigger. LOL.

"Stupid girl!" Hou Ching scolded Su Yin. :D

During the whole time of the-almost-an-hour recess, I went to the toilet for 3 times! Only once I used the cubicle. /slapped.

In the morning, I sighted my friend who asked me to find out something for him night before. So I was excited to tell him about it, but when I went near him and excitedly said, "EH!" with an annoying tone, I forgot what I wanted to say and just walked away. He gave 'the' look.

Scenario: Walk → 'eh!' → walk

How would you react if your friend randomly comes up to you and 'eh'-ed. LOL.

And I couldn't stop laughing after that. Hahahahaha~!

Wong Jyen Yiee is against me. D: It was so sudden, just today. She kept calling "Sarah Soon!" and then I don't know. Everything happened in a blur. It was very heartbreaking. I didn't know what I did to her that she had to be so against me.

I'm sad.

/does sad face.

SMK USJ 8 is gonna have a Carnival Day on 24th of July 2010! Please come and support 5 Arif~ We are selling pizzas yo ; )

We are gonna sell ice sticks to get modal for buying pizza, selling them and giving the money we earn to school. WOW, aren't we humble people? orz

Friends. I need them but they don't want me. /cries.

Just if you are wondering what is JAM and happened to pass by here, JAM will be decoded for you below.

"I'm a JAM lover! And what exactly is JAM?"

J: JESUS, Joe, (Hey! Say!) JUMP
A: Aiba, Arioka, Arashi
M: Mukai-sama, Micky
Did I answer you? XD

I got the 8th placing in class out of 29 students! Woooohooo~ but I got 5th last time >.>

Laughed soooooo much today.

*note: Laughing is reaaaaally tiring, but damn, it is veeeeeeeeery fun! :D

OMG, so sleepy.

JAM lover ♥

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Jyen. said...

I just read that now. I was never against you! AHAHA. I called your name in love <3