Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm still in the celebratory mood of Mukai-sama's birthday! And I didn't make a proper birthday wish post for him cuz, many things happened, not worth to mention on this post :D

Eniwaeeee! I've found the scans of all Mukai-sama pages on a Japanese Mukai-stan's blog! OMG, I say, Japanese are so lucky 8D

The latest anan issue that features Mukai Osamu. No, not the sexy issue (though, he is sexy with his clothes on as well! XD), but a really decent one. ♥

* Not resizing anything cuz I know you are here to see the biiiig preeeeetty face of our beloved Mukai-sama :D

A big kudos to this person who posted these images up! MUKAI-SAMA SAIKOU~ :DD

As much as I love him, I will not try my best to buy this magazine. XD I would rather buy the Gekkan MEN photobook 8D



ky09 said...

thanks so much for sharing! i love the pic where he was hugging the kid! ♥

shunrui-13 said...

Thank you very much for these pictures=)