Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day!

Good Friday is the day where Jesus was crucified on the cross.
After 3 days, Jesus rose from the dead!
And this day, we call it the Easter Day :)

Went to church and today's speaker was uncle Eng Kiang.
The scripture is John 20:1-18..
Go go read!

When the preaching was going to come to an end, uncle Eng Kiang said something which totally, and I mean TOTALLY touched my heart.

This is what he said:
Jesus can walk through every wall and every door. But there's only one door that He cannot walk through. *pause and repeats*. He can walk through ANY (emphasised) wall and ANY (emphasised) door. But there is only one door He cannot walk through. *brings us on to a story*

There was this man in an art studio. He was staring at a picture very intently. Then another man came by him and asked him :" why are you staring at that picture so intently?" The man replied :" the door only have a knob on the inside, not the outside!"

This door can only be opened by the person inside. And its the person's decision. The door that Jesus cannot walk through is the door to your heart. You must open the door of your heart to let Jesus come in.

Gosh, I was so touched, I was so stunned, I kept staring at uncle Eng Kiang after he said that. I couldn't take my gaze away, as if I was mesmerized by the words he said. God did a great thing.

Jesus is ALIVE!

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