Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Aid practice yo!

Is hot today!
*peace out yo~*

Hiiiiiiiiiizuru didn't go for BSMM today, I was so lonely, but Bubu was there so, :)
Then had to stay back for first aid practice.
Most of the first aiders are doubled = they march and they first aid. It was left me who is the single = only first aid.

So majority wins and they march, march, march, march........ for 3 hours.
Me lonely sitting there looking them marching. GOSSH. 3 hourse wasted just like that T-T
And my phone was on low battery... So I couldn't enjoy the rainbows, and was forced to look at the hot sun X.X

And it was 1!!! Finally first aid practice.
Kinda F.U.N *imitates Spongebob to sing that song*
My words?

"Yew Pang you teach first aid very good, no sux!!" xDD

Piccie for the post!

Mood: Tired zzz
Food: Banananananana yo~
Watching: Pikanchi Life is Hard Dakedo Happy

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