Monday, April 27, 2009

Sports Day [contd.]

*gives weird look*

WTH. I realised I forgot to tell which house won xD

Spoiler alert!


Red house won!! MY HOUSE WON!!
After the many years I've been in that school! (I'm not sure whether red house won before or not =.=)

I feel so proud! *stands high up, wind blowing through, hair flying*

Neeways, I've got some ranting to do. So leave now if you can't stand RantiMiki!!


So I guess you are staying huh. *smiles*

RantiMiki #1
I was a bit pissed off yesterday.. I remembered Phang told us that those who aren't involved with PCA have to get out of the camp. Seeing as someone with the lovely someone was in the camp doing nothing but applying PDA. I wasn't able to stand it and was influenced to throw the beret and gloves I was holding onto their faces and screaming at them to goof off. Seeing that the VADs weren't a bit influenced by the PDA and didn't mind, I couldn't care less because I was just a mere "junior" compared to the PDA-users and VADs.

RantiMiki #2
Yes, we are BSMM, a voluntary first aid team. Do you actually understand first aid? We are not slaves to take things for you. We are to relieve your pain if you are hurt. Please, we are humans too.

RantiMiki #3
Who are you to slap me on the back huh?

RantiMiki #4
And in the place of the voluntaries to collect and pick up rubbish that day. I love you guys and girls! I respect the every-bit that you've done. Seeing one case where the girls just picked up rubbish on that spot, and this another guy just threw the rubbish right in front of her. Respect a bit lah. The girl was so firm, she just scolded the guy right in his face. Yeah, they're just human too. How dare you just treat them like some sampah masyarakat and throw the rubbish on the ground? Yes. I understand that the rubbish would be picked up eventually. But at least tell her that you want to throw the rubbish in the plastic bag she's holding.

RantiMiki #5
Runners. If you can't run already, please DON'T run. You know we first aiders are very concerned about you. Don't make us worry.


Thats all for RantiMiki. I hope you don't hate me for ranting all these that are just mere little matters. It matters to me A LOT. If you think I'm just so naive, leave me alone.

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