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Sports Day!

*dorky smile yo~*

Alrighty yo~
I found a picture!!
The VADs xD

Just a brief talking about it!!

It started of me being late.

Scene 1: Miki being late!!
*runs holding cap and ice box in hand followed by carrying a super heavy backpack*
*stands beside Hizuru with all the BSMM members excluding the VADs*
Me: Gosh! Where's our pangkalan?! *pants*
She: Ooi! Frightened me only..
Me: *raises the ice box* Where do I put this?! *pants*
*Pn. Tan comes towards us*
Pn. Tan: "PBSM" please go away, here is the Green house!! (we were standing there pangkalan-less at that time)
*everyone moves away to an empty camp which is our pangkalan*
*places everything down*
*followed by the marchers going to the starting point*
*being lonely with Hizuru and Joel*

Then its the time where the VADs started coming. Which I thought I was late. VAD lagi late xD

Scene 2: Enter of VAD!
*me and Hizuru standing near the track*
*me spotted a VAD, which is our oh-so-infamous Yew Pang ; Melvin Gan xD*
*imitates looking very far by putting hand on top of the eyes*
Me: Ehh, I think I saw someone leh *being sarcastic*
YP: Where's Hwei Zen?! *pants*
Hizuru: *points towards them* There.
YP: *lifts up his uniform* She told me she needs this.
Me: For who? No one need also.
YP: WTH?! S..She told... ARRRGH!! *walks away and comes back* Help me hold this!!
Hizuru: *holds the uniform* Oh oh, ok.....
Me: Lai la, I help you. So many people call you hold things pulak xDD *takes*
---Some time later---
Me: *imitates looking faraway* Ehhh, I think I see some people.. *being sarcastic once again*
*enters Phang ; Nicholaz, Wei Leong and Yi Gin)*
Me: Good morning!!
NP: Ahh, good morning. Where's the ice box?
Me: Eh ah.. *looks around* There! *points*
NP: Good.
---Some time later---
*enters Yin Chuan which wasn't greeted by me because I dunno him. :)*

Then the day starts!!

Scene 3: Starting of Sports Day!
Part 1
First they march. Then when they senang diri, me and Hizuru (only! Gosh, where were the others T-T) were on serious duty!
Total of poeple felt-like-fainting during that time were: 4!


Part 2
Then the runnings!
Total: Countless. Too many o.o
Some were sprain, muscle pain, didn't wear shoes and the sole hurt, faint, fall and all sorts.
-Janessa's one was scary enough.
She was a good runner! But then I realised that when she ran she was quite behind. I was starting to go towards her when she PAM!!!
Fell frontwards onto the track o.o
Me and Najihah went ran towards her in high speed.
-Jue Wern was one of them too. She fell and her hands were hurt.
-And there was this guy, who got his baton.
Then he started running. And his baton flew from his hand and then I think he was trying to stop (applying physics. Momentum :)) and he just slipped from the track. Butt landed.
-And a guy who ran, and was very dizzy and he said he only see blank, not black but white. Stretcher came for help.
-A guy whose sole was seriously hurt and he got cram.
-A girl who first ran muscle pain, second time run stomach pain =.=
-A guy who ran, was very dizzy but insisted to run again. T-T

Thats all I can remember. O.O

Part 3
Supposed to have, but Pn. Mariyamah let the marchers to sit under the roof. So OUR job was done!

Time to clean up!

Scene 4: Clean up!
*me and Hizuru was looking at teacher cleaning up the first aid box.*
Teacher: Okeylah, sekarang kamu clear up dah.
Hizuru: Okey cikgu.
Me: *points at the VADs who weren't paying attention to me and was talking among themselves* Kimi tachi ne, UP! *didn't realise Yew Pang was looking.*
YP: Huh?
Me: *laughs* Clean up la...
YP: Ok ok! Stand up! Lets clean!! *everyone stands and starts*
*fold fold the first piece of the mat with Joel, Hizuru and Hwei Zen*
*the mat was getting smaller so I quit*
*looks around just in case need to help*
*Yin Chuan spotted me job-less*
YC: Eh, come help me. *holds the stetcher trying to keep*
Me: Eh eh?? I dunno! I dunno! *runs away* I got other things to do! *stands beside Hizuru*
YC: Ahh, then you two come help me..
Hizuru: Nono! We dunno!!
HZ: *very nervously passes the mat to Hizuru* Nah, you fold this. *walks towards Yin Chuan to help him*
*me and Hizuru folds the mat*
*me did the final fold!*
*holds the mat wondering where to put it*
Joel: *puts out hand* I help you hold.
Me: Okok! *hands the mat to Joel*


And then picture taking time!

Scene 5: Picture!
So we had to line up tall to short.
I was halfway lining up, but then my father came..
So I couldn't take the picture.
To tell the truth..
I was seriously disappointed I couldn't be in the picture of the "Happy Family" T-T


So its finally the end :)
My fingers are as tired as my body now.
Have a great day, week, month, year and life!


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