Saturday, May 23, 2009

Arashi 1999 and Arashi 2009

A RA SHI (1999)
196,168 views on Youtube

Believe (2009)
370,987 views on Youtube

See the difference??

Jun looks older.. He was cute during the younger days ^^
Nino was so "proud" looking, or should I say cool in A RA SHI. But he looks better in Believe ^^
Sho had the hair I call "Magee Mee" and super cute in A RA SHI! Believe? I think he looks skinny T-T
Aiba had BLACK hair in A RA SHI! Aww, I miss that black hair, makes him look very cute ^^ In Believe, I dunno why he looks "duh" there xD
Ohno! His long hair in A RA SHI made him look like a girl. I like his hair in Believe ^^


azie.... said...

gosh , miss u laa..
hey, happy belated burfdey.!!
sowee coz i wish late..huu..
i lost my hp..
but don worry, i'll tell u my new num to you k..
eh, hows life.? (:

azie.... said...

oh , i got ur num..
dun worry ..
well , later i will giv u
my mom's or dad's or mayb my bro's num to you..
oke oke.?

azie.... said...

wat to do..?
i losy my handphone..
its all bcoz of my carelessness..
haih haih..