Sunday, May 31, 2009

Holiday Day 2

Was home the whole day! ^^
But I couldn't actually do my Jdrama marathon because MUMMY forced me to study.
C'mon, I'm having holidays here and its just after the exams!!
But, I managed to watch Nodame Cantabile Special Episode 2, meaning.....
I've finished watching Nodame Cantabile Live Action!
*tremendous and loud applause from imaginary crowd*

And then I studied, and studied, and studied.
And then I came online again and made a blog post!

And presenting today's Arashi PV...
Typhoon Generation!

As a personal comment, I don't really find the PV nice, but I love the rap xD
The music is bearable too.
*being smack by fangirls who doesn't allow me to don't like the PV*

Ok, fine.
I admit, its actually nice.
Very nice.
I love the way they dance freely.
There's sooo much love! I specially love AibaJun ^^

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