Friday, June 12, 2009

Holiday Day 14

Today is the last day of this holidays that I can spend with my friends...
And the day was spent quite fun!

It started off as I was watching Atashinchi no Danshi episode 4 in the morning.
Gah, Mukai-sama sang!
I just wonder if it was really his voice or not.
And he played ping pong in a superb way!
And the funny part..
When Sho and Saki and Riki were having their family moments, Satoru and Takeru came filming the process, and thus the "background music" changed into those "I've got a freaky plan, heh heh heh *ebil laugh*" song..

Thus, todays outing was to Summit USJ.
Ate brunch at Old Town Coffee Shop..
Below is the preview of what Kasumi ate.
She wanted me to take a picture of it anyway.. Haha..
And then we went to cold storage and I bought these!
Below are the contents of the strawberry flavour one..

After that we went to Popular bookstore..
And I saw lots of Jdrama... Kaka bought Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru.. Its a touching movie.. Watch it!
And also I saw Honey and Clover, Voice etc. etc. etc (many!) And I screamed at the sight of Scrap Teacher..

Of course, my other friend wanted to find Hana Yori Dango 2 but she couldn't find it in Popular bookstore so we went to another store..
And I found Seigi no Mikata for RM20!! Cheap, but I can watch it in the net so... Didn't buy!

Today's PV is Sakura Sake by Arashi!

Ah~ One of my favs!
Oh, not because it starts with crotch shots! *slaps dirty minded people*
Ohno - PE teacher
Kazu - English teacher
Aiba - Arts teacher
Sho - Geography teacher
Jun - Chemistry teacher

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