Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holiday Day 13

Argh, holidays are comin' to an end!
[great apologies to those who didn't realise xD]

Watched Atashinchi no Danshi episode 3!
Gosh, I love Chisato to the max!
She's so influential..
Riki has the same birthday as me!!

Ahhh~ Feel like as though Mukai-sama is holding that birthday card, preparing to hand it to me..
*floats midair and daydreams*

And today my friends and I continued on the Hana Kimi Jdrama Marathon!
We're now at episode 8~
We'll finish the main series by tomorrow! I'm sure! xD

Oh, and i just realised something..
The actress Chisa that acts in Uta no Onii-san as Akane is actually, really a vocalist in real life!
She's the vocalist of a band called Girl Next Door!
Sugee desune~
Check out their song, Infinity, though not the full version..
Can't find one ^^

And the PV for today:

Do they look like some Hero? xD

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