Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Holiday Day 5

Phew! Just got back from my cousin's wedding dinner and I'm so damn tired after a whole day of traditional and modern wedding ceremony T.T

First I woke up and had breakfast in the hotel.

Then went to grandma's house..
Ate lunch because forced by NUMEROUS AUNTIES.
And when I was halfway.. eating.
*honk honk honk honk!*
*music blasting from car speakers*
*honking continues*
*stands up and ask*
"Ehh, what's that?!"
Aunt: "Faster go in the room!!!!!" and scorted me and my brother into the room.
Being the noobest of the noobs, I don't get the reason why T-T
Then the "honkers" parked and then my cousin and his WIFE came in the house and they had the TEA DRINKING ceremony.. Nah, you know...
Give the tea, then get angpau..
Then the weds have to give angpau to those who aren't married.
Kya xD I got an angpau.. xD

Then got picture taking ceremony..
And I stood beside my cousin WHO IS THE ONE GETTING MARRIED.
So focus on the picture of the newly-weds and you can see me there for the family one xD
[no picture for you to see, unfortunately]
Then headed back to hotel and slept.

Around 7 at night..
Went for their wedding dinner!
I got loads of picture, but I'll just upload 5 of them xD
Find more later in my facebook when I upload them ^^
All I got to say about the wedding is..
The speakers are too loud o.o [gomen!]
But the food are nice *thumbs up*

And then we went back to the hotel!
The end. xD

Oh, and a picture of their wedding photo album cover xD

Thus, leading us to the PV for this post!
Jidai by Arashi

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