Monday, July 27, 2009

"Dh'ya have a credit card?!"

If you were at my school today, you would hear me saying that every minute.
Yeah, and my friends were annoyed, but they didn't mind. LOL.

Why do I want a credit card, you ask?

Because I want the Arashi School Calendar 2009-2010.

calendar 004 Pictures, Images and Photos
Credits: kimzaerya @ photobucket

Uwa~! Aiba pr0no~!! *excessive nosebleed*
Look. LOOK. I want it badly now.. xD

calendar 008 Pictures, Images and Photos
Credits: kimzaerya @ photobucket

This is SOOOO HOT. And yesh, Sho pr0no. ^^;;


So, at school I learnt 2 interesting things..

Hydrogen carbonate indicator: with a supply of lots of Oxygen gas, it'll turn ribena-purple..
When teacher told us that, I told Nadiah.
"Maybe Ribena used hydrogen carbonate indicator with a lot of oxygen to get that colour.."
And of course, the rest is artificial flavour. xD

Mati Hidup Balik
Direct translate: Dead Alive Back.
So with correct english grammar: Dead resurrect. xD
When our moral teacher said this, we all went "HUH?!"
And then she said, "Its divided "Mati" and "Hidup balik".
Direct translate: "Dead". "Alive go back".
It's meant at a funeral, the dead is dead, of course..
After the funeral, the alives go back. Got it? xD

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