Sunday, July 26, 2009

I checked out Arashi's PVs (again), and these are my results.

Truth, with an amazingly 6million++ views! I know we all love Arashi~
Yesh, I'm truly amazed.. This is the theme song for the Jdrama, Maou.
Why do I have to take a screenshot when Maou is raising his army of puppets? xD
OMG, look at Sho-chan~!

Next up: One Love, with 4million++ views!
This is the theme song for Hana Yori Dango Final.. I like the music, but for the PV? Too much photoshop =.= ^^;;

Presenting.. Sakura Sake~ With 1million++ views~!
Why "No. of Hentais"? Because the vid starts with crotch shots.. GOSH, you can actually see it. T-T xD
Look at Oh-chan.. T-T

And we have Arashi's debut PV~! Name: A.Ra.Shi, of course.. With 1million++ views..
Look at the colours... Amazing? This is the best song, I can tell ya.. ^^;;

Next we have Step and Go! With also amazing colours.. And 1million++ views!
Kyahh~! Oh-chan is looking at me~~~ *faints*

And then, Kaze no Mukou e, the PV that makes us dizzy~ 1million++ people were dizzy yo!
Yesh, it was the official song for the Beijing Olympics 2008 in Japan's broadcast..
And damn Aiba, for that "sexy" pose.. xP

Lastly, Kotoba Yori mo Taisetsu na Mono! Whurt a long title.. With 1million++ views~!
The cat is so popular now. *stalks it for autograph*

And when it was around 12pm, I went to open KeyHoleTV.. And look at the traffic.. xD
Fuji TV with 1033 views ATM? And guess what was the show...

VS Arashi.. Yeap.. No wonder.. xD

And with total randomness..
It was today, when I only know that JE groups will only release calendars until their 10th year...
I super-duper-incredibleeeiy want that calendar.. Arashi School Calendar 2009-2010..
If you are a Malaysian and you've got ways to sell me that calendar.. Or be a middle person between me and, please.. TELL ME!! I badly want that calendar!!!!
Credits: MorningBerryz @ vox
This is how it looks like.. Please, get it for me?? ^^
I hope Kinokuniya still has it though.. T-T

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