Thursday, July 2, 2009

I wanna go DaiCon! There's this freakin' thing that I'll scream about if I go there.. But damn the H1N1, most probably cannot!!

What's DaiCon?
Google it xD

I've been ranting this about every hour/minute/seconds to the friends in my school.
They know the real reason behind me-wanting-to-go-DaiCon thing.........
Heh heh heh *evil laughs*

And I didn't know that my pet younger brother confessed his feelings to my pet younger sister.
I went all "OMG". O..O yes, my nostrils flared.

Oh, and I promised my pet younger sister that I'll congratulate her HERE because she managed to solve the Rubik's cube for 1 face of it! *applause*

Oh, I'm "virtually" married to Mukai Osamu this second!
I said virtually, okays?
Please let me satisfy my fangirl needs T-T

Therefore, Miki and Mukai is officially "virtually" married! xD

(see my tags, the tag that wasn't mentioned in this post, is the real reason why I wanna go DaiCon.) ^^

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