Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Muscles ache + headache = signs of fever = signs of H1N1. OMG, no!!!!!!


It was just a joke.. Don't take it too seriously.
Dear blog reader, if you were worried about me, thank you soooooo much! I love you ^^
If you were worried about yourself (perhaps virus spreads through words?), then selfish you =.= xD
If you weren't even concerned, its alright, 'cos I'm alright!

Anyway, the long blog title was COOL xD

Why did I have muscles ache?
It was because I had PE exams today..
Did the stepping up-down the steps, pumping, sit-up and stretching..
GOSH, muscles aching like WTH?
Some more I played badminton yesterday and this added to my muscles ache.. T-T

WHy did I have headache?
It was because I lacked of sleep. o.o

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