Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello, long time no see, blog readers~! *εїз*

Internet connection has been failing me, pictures uploaded so slow, therefore~ I didn't wanna update >.<

BUT! I saw something INCREDIBLE today as I was online-window-shopping in
*flail scream shout cry*
Lets see.. Hmm, start from the top.

[DEAR FA] Korean Version Drama Boys Over Flowers Official Photobook (Japan Version)~! (look at the top right!)

And next [DEAR KAKA] Otakara Photo and Episode - Arashi Sakurai Sho (apparently, YesAsia spelled his name wrongly xD)

Then, you'll see BIG BANG Original phonestrap~! KAKKOII....

Photo Albums New Release:-
[DEAR KHENG YU] Aya Hirano Photo Album -Brand New Day Aya no Koto I give you permission to flail at me. xD

[DEAR FA] the GazettE ART BOOK at a freakingly high price! T.T

And dear me~!!!! Mukai Osamu Photo Album -Raikamu! *dies dies dies* And I clicked on it.
I felt the urge to click the big green button, but its said once the order is placed, I cannot cancel it. So, SAD!!!! But I'm aiming to buy this! Wish me luck.. >.<

Then I browse for calendars.. And...
*dies x2*
I am trying to not aim to buy that calendar because I haven't even started using the Arashi one yet 8D

ALL the BEST! I'm aiming to buy that too... Wish me more luck! :'D

And~ I had a quite very nice dream last night.. Which stars Aiba-chan~! <3
Characters: Me, Aiba, ,an ebil girl, few school friends who I always hang out with, few ccc friends

Story: It was one day around the time after school and time for co-curriculum, I was hanging out with my friends when suddenly they told me to prove something (which I forgot what was it! xD). So in order to prove it, I ran to the back of my school and I saw Aiba riding his bicycle coming through the small gate. Immediately, I hugged him *dies* and brought him to my group of friends. After proving dunno-what, I asked Aiba for his house keys and he gave it to me and he headed home. Then the next day, also around after school time and time for co-curriculum, I knew that Aiba is going to come from that gate, so I waited for him there.. Then of course he came, and I ran to him.. I asked, "I took your house key, but how did you go in your house?" Then he said, "oh yeah, how did I go in my house?" and he scratched the back of his head. So I handed his house keys back to him.. I wanted to hug him when suddenly the "ebil girl" came and hugged him. Then we were both fighting hugging Aiba. Then I gave up because it was a waste of time (I know I shouldn't, but WHAT TO DO?!) and I just left, and waited outside the school for my father to fetch me back to ccc.. Then I reached back ccc, and my friends and I were savouring mini and tasty biscuits.. Yum..~

After-thoughts: I should have fought with her till the end.. And yes, the dream is weird. LOL. Plus, I love the feeling of hugging Aiba [in my dreams].. Its so yummy~ xD

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