Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Its a fine fine day, with a fine fine prey~

The title is soooo meaningless.


Only 9 out of 31 students who came today.. But we were so loyal, we stayed until school finished (apparently when we left, we were the last morning session class to leave ^^), except for Andrew, who left at the 2nd last period. Though, it was quite fun, not studying the whole day, chit-chat with teachers.
Miss Low plays Restaurant City (yeah, knew that) and she asked us to send her ingredients. xD
Mr Liew just walked around, then interested in our girl-group-gossip and we declined it xD Then he decided to read the newspaper to pass time because we rejected him. LOL
Miss Then were talking to us about food.. Yum~
Miss Ong got pissed off when she see the number of students in class and concluded : H1N1 is no longer H1N1. Its became L-A-Z-Y. LOL :D
Pn Susan's laptop had a link to a blog which interests me in only one way: the Jdramas and not the hentai contents in it!!.. So we thought that teacher liked Jdramas and Meiji asked her today. Teacher said she wasn't interested, doesn't like dramas. o.o Okay, then it gotta be someone else. xD
Dr Minder who came in, asked whether wanna give us EST homework, which Meiji quickly disagree xD

Note to Fa.
Hey you. Said you wanna come school but didn't see you. You betray us is it?! T-T

**I brought the Arashi diary to school today. Meiji, Nadiah and Mariam all say they like Nino. Go Neener for your wonderfully kawaii face~ ^^

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