Thursday, September 3, 2009

Its September already~ Wahoo!

Hello September! *calls September*
It has been a busy month last month ne? ^^

Its September already, and I hope it'll be as interesting as possible! Lets have an Arashi craze yo xP

I've asked my mum whether I can buy those things that I aimed to buy (only with the help of mummy >.<), and she didn't allow! *cries a river* I seriously want a credit card now. MY OWN CREDIT CARD. D= Now, for the interesting thing! ^___^ Meiji helped be buy a I dunno what is it called set of C1000 Lemon~! *chuu Meiji*
Jeng jeng~! *'Happiness' playing in background*
So I chose one, and kept in refrigerated. My dad don't allow me to put the whole set in the fridge. "Don't put the whole thing in, it takes up space." "Then later spoil then how?! Broken english xP Will or not one?" "Won't spoil." Fine =.=
After refrigerated for an hour, I took it out and drink! GYAH, I didn't expect it to be carbonated >.< *burps carbon dioxide* But overall, the drink is "Healthy Inside, Fresh Outside". xD
The end product. I failed when opening the cover. xD

OH~! And 1 more thing!
If you can read ;)
If you can't, the title says "Arashi Fans Unite", submitted by Kitty via email to Malaysia's Galaxie magazine! Yesh, Malaysian Arashi Fans UNITE! *poses*

It was quite some time ago, someone submitted a letter to Galaxie about "David Archuleta", saying that recently there were no news about him, would like Galaxie to talk about him. In order to reply that letter, Galaxie put up a picture of DA, quoting that if they have news, they would. An idea came rushing into me. "Why not we submit a letter to them telling them to feature Arashi since they are like POPULAR?", which I told this idea to my friend. Even if Galaxie don't feature, they would reply our letter, with an Arashi picture beside, just like what they did to DA ^o^ Apparently, Kitty submitted hers (a female, right? Correct me if it isn't) but Galaxie didn't put up a picture T-T Well, Galaxie quoted that they'll find out about it.

I'm freakingly having high hopes that the next issue will feature Arashi!

*sings and dances happily*
BTW, sorry for the LQ picture, my phone is not a camera-profession phone, and the camera is only 2MP, no high expectations yo!

PS: I've read and watched reports after reports of Arashi's 10th anniversary concert in kokuritsu. Saikou dayo! I feel very happy for Arashi ^o^

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