Saturday, October 3, 2009

Progressing quite well by using photoshop~!

So I went and find out about using textures, and figured the hell out where the "Screen" blending mode can be found (this is my first time using photoshop, ya know) and finally blindly tweaked everything without an artistic feel to produce something, an icon.

From this,

to this.

I can tell its not as great as those you see everywhere, but its my first big step! ^0^

I would love comments (mostly the critic ones because I need tutorials!) <3


tiena's said...

kawaii mukai osamu (:
u have done a great job \(^o^)/

Fanz @f Arch!e said...

Wow, good job!!! How did u do that? Can u help me do one with 'David Archuleta', please?