Monday, October 12, 2009

I am on hiatus for 1 month starting from 3rd October. Demo....

I couldn't hiatus this these~!

Aibaba's solo in 5x10 Anniversary Concert in Osaka ^0^ P/S: Sorry for the bad sound.. Hee hee xD
Unlike these which are the happy and cheerful and bright Masaki~

Hitsuji wo Kazoe (Quite dark ^^;; But he played the SAX~! OMO, the love~)

Happy Sunny Day (ehhee, the beach~)

Itsuka no Summer (another fave :D)

Hello Goodbye (I love this song, A LOT~!)

How happy is Masaki~ *kyaa*

Another one, I've got a new obsession~! Micky Park Yoo Chun from TVXQ *shrieks*
Lookie, he is sooooooo cute~!!!

Tell me he is very very cuuuute~!

Especially the starting part.. Hee hee hee..
Look at this picture. HOW CUTE IS THAT? :D
Baby Yoochun Pictures, Images and Photos
Ahhhh, too cute to be trueeee T-T

And to end this. ^3^
yoochun Pictures, Images and Photos
Miki loves Micky who wears Mickey! Yeah~

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