Friday, November 13, 2009

Haha! Yeah.

Today, is a great day!
Official title: Sunway Pyramid Class Fun

So early in the morning, I prepared myself, and planned to wear stripes (top and underwear are stripes! xD) but I couldn't find my favourite socks, which is purple and stripes. So I wore an ugly one instead xD Then Kelly came my house and we set of to Nadiah's and then Mariam's. We waited for the bus with Keturah too xP Then the bus came (excited sial xD) and I happily (and bravely crossed the drain~) board on the bus! My ticket.
Then we reached Sunway Pyramid, to find most of my classmates there, as well as students from other class =.= Then we watch movie! 2012~ My seat :D
Throughout the whole movie, Syeefa and I was planning our future. One of them was being a pilot/have a pilot boyfriend. Haha xD

After that, we had lunch at McDonalds! I had a coke, a french fries and a chicken burger.

Then I went shopping, all alone T-T xD And I bought all these! Spent around RM80++
All my items in the plastic bags. Sooo heavy xD

#1 Umizaru~
Watched this in school during Wednesday, but teacher stopped the movie halfway, and promised to show it on Thurday, but we watched Kung Fu Panda instead. So I went Speedy and yay! Umizaru~

#2 Naruto Shippuuden The Movie: Kizuna
Tried to watch it online but damn connection. Since it was not that expensive (RM16.90 only!) and had a free cd, consisting of that movie's OST plus MVs inside the DVD, it was worthwhile! Yay Naruto madness~

#3 TVXQ 2010 card calendar

They had a lot, but the a lot had ugly looking Micky! Only this had a descent looking Micky ♥

#4 Famous Amos Chocolate Chip No Nuts cookie!

#5 Petit ^0^
Gah, cute and oishii biscuits!

#6 P-O-C-K-Y ♥♥♥♥♥
Halloween Strawberry Special and 11th Anniversary Original Special ♥

And my receipts xD

My legs are hurting me~ But I had a great shopping today!

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