Sunday, November 8, 2009

Its out!

Arashi's My Girl full PV~
Masaki-kun is very pretty here ♥

Translation credits:aeslis @ LJ
Ohno: Don't go bumping things around, you guys! We have to be done before Dad gets back.
Sho: We're doing it!
Nino: And properly, aren't we?
Jun: Speaking of which, you should be doing it too.
Ohno: What, do you have a problem?
Nino: We don't, we're just saying do it, carry this!

The letter:
You were born as our children, and one day you should grow up and move out to do what it is you love to do.
When that day comes, go. I'll be watching over you from this house.

The email:
Dad, we want to stay in this house with Mom a little longer. So, we've decided not to move.

How weird is that? The mum really looks like the eldest son, Satoshi~ xD (yes, photoshop?) And you can see the mum actually has a look of the mixtures of all 5 sons. This is a very touching PV, so enjoy!

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