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January Post

Random starting D8

Penguin Awareness Day! a.k.a Dai-chan awareness day XD

After school, my friends started eating. Mariam took out Wan Wan rice crackers and I went "Mar, nak satu!" and she gave me the whole piece even though I requested for a small piece. Then Syeefa took out her recess hamburger and I requested for a bite but she didn't allow so I took a small piece of cheese :D Then Nadiah also brought out another rice cracker and I requested from her a small piece, and she gave me a whole piece! Then I had a lot of food and decided to go to the other class.... To find my friends still in there. I was still chewing on the biscuit and I went near Brenda and she asked "Sarah, are you eating something?" and I answered "yeah, I ate Wan Wan Bing!" and then Brenda took out a pack of Julie's biscuit and I requested for a piece and she gave me! So I ate and hurried them to go downstairs but they just hung and I went down myself. Upon reaching the bicycle shed, I saw Kelly eating muffin and I requested for a piece and she gave me! Then when she finished, Pling and her went to opposite to buy keropok, which I told them to buy some for me after giving them money. All these just happen right after school, and I ate so much! XD

Watched Music Station which Hey! Say! JUMP guested in *rabu* My my, I just love their new single! Also I love Arashi's, especially Yurase, Ima Wo! Yurase x3 xD Here's the performance! I must say the music is cool~ But the dance move, LOL. The fingers at the eyes *more rabu*

Chii looks so skinny, and not the chubby-cute I love anymore! He looks grown o.o
And Inoo-Inoo also looks like he lost weight! I hope its not because of university-stress T-T
As usual, Yabu, Takaki, Kikaru and Yuto <3>not like Inoo and Chii T-T
Ryutaro and Keito, not enough closeups!! But they look fine and good to me xD

WAIT, I change what I said. Everyone looked like they lost weight, except for Penguin and Engrish boy and Ryu-chan. And maybe Yama-chan.

Anyway. MY CHUBBY ADORABLE PENGUIN! Not enough attention!!!
And YAMA-CHAN OMG HOT! "I rabu~ you~" I died xD

And I change what I said. AGAIN. Everyone looked like they lost weight! Is it because of their costumes? Or they really did T-T

So yesterday (22nd) I started my anime craze again! And for my anime craze comeback, I watched Lovely Complex! I must say, this anime is super hilarious! And it makes me wanna watch MOAR MOAR MOAR! I stopped until episode 3 only (because I'm not allowed to use the computer, ne? xD) So lets see. This tall girl (170cm) and this short boy (156cm) are like rivals? They're named All Hanshin-Kyoshin (if I'm not mistaken xD). They always fight, but they have a lot in common! And they're the only 2 that have problem in finding a love-partner xD Ahahaha, what I have in common with the girl is that I'm TAAAALLL~ but I don't have a midget rival though xD Anyway!!! I fell in love with the anime's 1st ending theme song: Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song~ by TegoMass! Because the melody and the lyrics are just so beautiful~!


Great ne~? xD

And also!! I started tuition today, for Chemistry and Biology class! Chemistry class was super funny! The things that Mr. Suben taught was just absorpable (is this even a word? xD)! And ah.. Biology class was super informative though :D

AHAHAHAHAHA. Today I watched episode 4 and 5 of LoveCom! LOLOLOL, Risa (the tall girl) grew taller, now she's 172cm xDD Same llike my height now =X Gosh, I really don't like my height, as I think I'm facing the same problem like her xDD [spoiler](except she's gonna get true love, a midget in the end.. NOOUU I DON'T WANT!!)[/spoiler]

Yatta~ Yatta~ TanjoubiOmedetou-man~!!! Happy birthday to beloved Sakurai Sho-kun, the Yatterman :D

I started BM tuition today. Gosh, the other students are just beyond crazy and noisy! But they made the class fun xD

First day of koko and first day I ate canteen food in this year! I have to say, after our canteen management changed, the food became super tasty and super delicious! XD First day of koko, rained, but it stopped when it was time to start koko xD

BTW, I watched episode 6 of Love Com! OMG, Risa confessed to Otani (the short guy)!!! Can't wait to watch episode 7 naaaa~

OH and I just watched this today xD

RABS~! xD But Daiki wasn't there -3-

Uwaaaaa, got our titles for EST presentation already T-T And my head hurts big time! *clutches head*

Watched episode 7 of Love Com! She confessed to him. Yes. And he thought she was kidding. And it took him LOOOOOONG enough that she was serious, and the person she liked was him =.= I'm so sorry for her. But when he realised the person she like was him, he went "ME?!" xD Can't wait for episode 8~

Uh..... My classmates and I did blood test for other students. LOL. Very lazy to update. Actually. And uh.. When school finished, we passed our message-birthday wishes to our class monitor. Tomorrow is his birthday :D

Happy birthday, Kai Yoong~! Thanks for being a great class monitor and friend :D

Up till today, I've watched Lovely Complex till episode 13. I'll not talk about the story anymore, so watch it for yourself xD

I'm getting lazy to update everyday xD So I'll only update, when necessary :D

Today's Yabu Kota's birthday! The Yabumama, the JUMP leader and the cutest guy ebarrrr! Otanjoubi omedetou! Thank you, for keeping each and every member in JUMP cute and going and taking care of them, at most! Being their second mother, hope you have fun taking care 9 children! *kisses and hugs and kisses more*

By meeeeeeeeee for hiiiiiiiim xD

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