Thursday, April 1, 2010

Its April Fool's Day!

And Keito's birthday~ ♥

Birthday message for Keito!

Dear Keito,
Hey! I've only known you for... 4 to 5 months? And I fell in love with you already XD At first, you were the one I like the least, but after reading much and looking much of you, you are actually very.. ATTRACTIVE! XD *gets shot* I totally like the way you speak english ♥
So, if you ever read this, thank you! XD And not to forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY~
Love Miki

April Fools Day Report
I woke up early in the morning to browse my phone via the mobile internet. I woke up later then and prepared for school. Upon reaching school, I sat beside my friend, Tiffany and we started stoning. It was early in the morning and no one expects someone to be hyper and all, right? Suddenly, Tiffany turned to look at me, with her eyes sparkling and she said, "Sarah! You know what?"

"What?" I replied, with less enthusiasm.

"Arashi is coming down!"

I expected the 'coming down' to mean that their popularity coming down. Rephrasing what it means to be a 'Malaysian english', I realised that it meant "Arashi is coming here, to Malaysia which is situated below Japan" but I was still stoning at that moment.

"Down? Where?"


I gave her a stare.

"Nah~ Its impossible. Don't try to fool me! April Fool right?"

"No! Sarah, why are you so clever?"

I smirked. "For the situation now, any JE will not come to Malaysia yet, therefore."

So we continued our conversation on the possibilities of JE coming and all the Korean bands.

Assembly starts and we were asked to go to our respective classes. My class is 5 Arif, where 5 Bestari held most of my close friends. I went to that class and hangout there for a bit, before my Chemistry teacher enters the class.

"Hey!" I shouted at them. "Guess what? I'm shifting house!"

"Really?! Where?"

"USJ 6~"

"Oh~! When??"

"April Fool!"

"April Fool?!"

"I mean, April Fool! I'm not shifting~"

And I ran out off the class to see my Chemistry teacher approaching.


"Ring~" the school bell rang, indicating it was time for recess. Taking my food with me, I once again entered 5 Bestari to meet with my friends. We walked down 4 flights of stairs to go to the toilet. We usually hangout at the corridor nearby the toilet during the recess, since the canteen was at the other end of the school.

"Hey," I called to my friends; Min Yeon, Ida and Harriet. "Just now, Tiffany tried to trick me." and I told them my story.

"LOL! If Arashi would come to Malaysia, I bet Sarah will be the first one among us to know about it!" Min Yeon commented, earning nods from my other two friends.

Then, my pet-mothers, Fa and Meiji walked towards us, or the toilet. I whispered to Min Yeon, "later when Fa passes by this pole, we scream cockroach, ok?" and Min Yeon agreed by smiling.

Fa walked past us when I suddenly shouted "COCKROACH!" and she shrieked shortly, jumping away from where I pointed. I laughed and she turned to look at me, eyeing me. Meiji and her then approached me and asked, "remember the shift house?"

"Oh, I did that on them already," I said proudly.

"Really? Oh yeah, remember our dates for exams are shifted earlier," Fa said coolly, putting on a serious look.

I remembered the plan we had yesterday; we planned to fool our friends which are from the other classes about the examination dates being shifted forward. "Yeah~! And.. uh, who told us this? Oh yeah! Mr. Liew said so!" Min Yeon, Ida and Harriet got serious and started discussing about that matter.

"I heard that it'll be around the end of April or the starting of May," by that time, my pet-mothers have left for their nature's call.

I stood there smiling at my friends commenting. Suddenly, I decided to put a stop or they'll really get serious.

"You know what? April Fool," I said.

The 3 of them glared at me and started laughing.

"How can you fool us with this kind of thing?!" and we started debating while walking 4 flights of stairs back to our classroom. I guess, we overdid it?

So the day went by, and on the Mathematics class, we planned to fool our Mathematics teacher. While studying halfway, a student from another class came, his name is Amir. He held a piece of paper with 6 names on it. He called the names and said that a teacher wanted to meet them. Immediately, they went out of class to meet the teacher. Our Maths teacher, Mr. Liew, continued teaching us about Matrixes. Suddenly, the 6 students who were called out just now came back running, they squeezed through the doorway and shouted, "we were fooled! They tricked us downstairs and there was no teacher there!" which made the whole class laugh.

When class ended, Mr. Liew walked out quickly of the class, which means we didn't manage to fool him. School ended smoothly, with me unfooled ;)

-end of report-

YAAAAAY! I'm so successful! XD Ok, I think I overdid it at the exams part. My friend's face was super red while she was fighting back =O I shall apologize tomorrow! x3 Ah yes, Keito ♥♥♥

Handsore! Its been a while since I typed this long x3 Off to homework again!

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