Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Post

March Post!

Kon-nini~ XD

2nd March
Did my EST presentation about military technology~ Mine was land and chooo embarrassing! LOL, I shall not talk like how I did. Cho cho cho hazukashii!

3rd March

4th March
Went to a comic shop, rented 3 horror comics and a romance one. Saw this funny scene.

The birds are having their romantic session LOL

6th March
Road Run! Didn't win, legs sore... Went tuition after that and only came home around 7.30pm T-T So.. I'm not gonna describe my Road Run experience since I think no one's gonna read it anyway.. Just a picture. I didn't get permission but DON'T SUE ME YOU @^#%&^@ OUT THERE. (Yes, I'm in a bad mood.)

Kelly was trying to take other people's picture.

7th March
My legs are still sore!

My rankings.
Hey! Say! JUMP
RankHey! Say! JUMP Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)

RankArashi Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)

8th-11th March
EXAMSSSSSSS~ But ended today! (11th March) ASHFIDAUHICD YAY FOR FANGIRL ROUTINE! *flails non-stop* I wanna download many many dramas (Autumn's Concerto & Hidarime Tantei EYE) and I wanna download many many performances of Arashi and Hey! Say! JUMP! DOSIFJOIDCSOIJFAD : D : D : D : D

12th March
Last day of school before the March holidays! So damn excited. Holidays are practically packed full -- time for study and fun. Gosh, how I miss those innocent days where I do not have to worry about all these things (except for having fun, well that's not a worry anyway).

You see, I'm typing without emoticons. It doesn't mean I'm emo/sad! Its just that, I want to try how to express that I'm happy (yes I am! its the last day of school before a week of holidays) without emoticons and excessive amount of exclamation marks. (is tempted to put a smiley)

Co-curriculum in the morning first thing tomorrow, then tuition and then friend's birthday party! Can't wait~

13th March
KOKO was AWESHUMME! Big thanks to pengerusi-san, Audiii! As allsome as always X) Then I had tuition (and my stomach started aching /-_-/). After tuition rushed to WJ's house AND ate like MANY servings of food (and my stomach hurts even more while I thought it hurts because its hungry -3-) and then I went home (at 10pm) with a stomach ache. Couldn't sleep for the whole night T-T

14th March
Didn't go church because stomach freakin' pain T-T Eh, lets do some short update then~ I finished watching Lovely Complex (osiufcdisfoji9 DAMN GOOD ENDING! *tears*) and I'm moving smoothly on with Hidarime Tantei EYE (DOAIFJOIDJCASIDOJA SUPER AWESOME) and watching Autumn's Concerto (OAIDJDAOJAS! XD).

15th March
WE (Kelly, Mandy, Syeefa and I) ARE THE BEST BUS SITTERS EVER! XD

Went to Desiree's house in noon for dance practice for PE. Ended up watching TV (there was this interesting show...... Well, leave it XD). Eating loads of CNY biscuits! But of course, we did practice X) Left with Brenda at 1.45pm to Kelly's house (she just drop me there =X) and then we WANTED to have our oral exam practice but ended up doing biology PEKA. After some RUSHING!MOMENTS, we went to wait for bus to go to school XD Waited... Waited... *points to random dark sky* and it looks like its gonna rain. We planned for the possibilities of the bus not coming, when it appeared. IT WAS LIKE *hallelujah* XD Boarded the bus with satisfaction. Reached school with SWEATY BODIES D: Settled the PEKA reports (not really, we still have to return on Friday -.-) and went back to Kelly's house, VIA BUS! again~ XD So the bus was like empty? We talked the loudest in it and had so much fun (especially mom when she saw Rucgnes walking on the road! Good moments eh~) laughing around X) We reached back Kelly's house, planned to do our oral practice but ended up drinking water. Eating chiffon cake. Playing piano. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. Ish, we didn't save the edited Kelly picture. D'awwww, or I would've posted it here. It was darn hilarious, I edited. You might have nightmares seeing it X)

FUN!! X)

17th March
I wanna kuwai (cry)!

Morning went to Kelly's house to wait for Pooi Leng to fetch us to Sunway Pyramid, to watch Alice in Wonderland. Met up with Hizuru and her sister. Watched and missed a little of the beginning (because we went in late) and (don't worry, no spoilers) the show was SUPER AWESOME yo. XD

Then we ate lunch and then we went to various places.

I SAW MANY FREAKING MUKAI-SAMA DRAMA DVDS THAT I FREAKING WANNA BUY! I SAW 2 ARASHI ALBUMS AND I FREAKING WANNA BUY! I SAW AIBA'S MY GIRL DRAMA AND I FREAKING WANNA BUY! *spasms and dies* I made a vow, to bring as least as possible the amount of money so that I won't spend them. And it worked. I only spent on a box of Pocky. I'M SO SAD. SO SO SO SAD. D:


24th March
A week of gone-ness. LOL.

Happy Birthday Wan Chean! Err, sorry no picture. Lazy to make one, ATM.

BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I will always support you yo~

26th March
STRESS. Kawad kaki so lembik. zzzzzzz Why am I Form 5?!

Anyway, off with my rant. Today's Takaki Yuuya's birthday!

Haha! Happy birthday dude~ Stay sexy as always yo~ X)

27th March
OK, I take back all my unsatisfy-ness and my behsong-ness! I LOVE YOU BSMM MEMBERS, whether you were part of KAWAD or FIRST-AID, ILOVEYOU ILOVEYOU ILOVEYOU!

Sports day is today. It was very, very fun! I held the role of JIC (Just In Case) at the first-aid team XD Not gonna talk much about it, since I'm not interested in telling, except for playing what I saw for today again and again in my head. I LOVE BSMM, I really, really do. They got 4th for kawad (at least, not 5th X3) and I'm sure they did well in first aiding! I'm so, so, so, so proud of you all. As a senior, I am glad. *hugs every member involved today*

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