Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bee TV Drama - Sweet Room

Hay thar!

Sweet Room
Official Site
Casts: Narimiya Hiroki, Mukai Osamu, Kaname Jun, Toyohara Kosuke, and others
Drama Info: This drama is a mobile phone drama which has 4 short episodes. The episodes averages from 15 - 19 minutes each. The dramas depicts different love stories which all happen in a "room".

Are you interested? :D Click the below, and you are able to download 'em!

Download here! You've gotta be an LJ user and you've gotta be a member in the community.

Episode 1: Last Love (Narimiya Hiroki)
Episode 2: Birthday (Mukai Osamu)
Episode 3: Triangle (Kaname Jun)
Episode 4: Room Service (Toyohara Kosuke)

I don't know if I'm allowed to share the links out here. But if you ask personally (aka email me or comment here with your email) I will give you the direct links to the downloads. Every single sexy man there :D

Want the subbed version? Comment here with your email or just directly email me @ gg_gsclub@hotmail.com. I will update you once the subbed version is out : )

Thank you garnet_moon07 from Livejournal :D

personal flail: IT WAS HOT, I mean, Mukai-sama was hot XD


izzat said...


can you send me all 4 keitei drama..thank you..been searching for it forever...

Miki said...

Hello izzat. I can't seem to find your email..

urdtakako said...


im searching high and low for this sweet room series drama, please send me!


YING said...

I've been search for the Kaname jun's version of sweet rooms like eternally, can you please send the download link or any clue to me?please!
my e-mail is : baniraki-wing19@yahoo.com.hk

thank you very much!!

Makoto Kino said...

Hiiii I've looking for this Drama like crazy, Can you pleaseee send me the links?? I will appreciate it ^^ Plaseeee m(_ _)m
email: kinomakoto11@gmail.com

meimi132 said...

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.... THANK YOU. SO MUCH. OMG..... Mukai smexiness.... jesus... you have no idea how much I'm flailing/*squeee*ing right now XD

Marysia said...

Hi, I've been searching for this drama for over a year^^ Could you please send me these links too?

Miki said...

Marysia, sure! But can I have your email? :) (you can directly email me at gg_gsclub@hotmail.com)

Melissa said...

Hi there!
I've been looking for this drama for so long! If it's not too much trouble, could you send me the download link?
(I'm so slow off the mark! I didn't know this cellphone drama existed! It's sooo sexy! *die*)


taspohme said...

can you please send me a copy of the drama... all 4 but if is too big i you can send Birthday only...TNX


keipidesu said...

Hi there!
Thanks so much for posting the downloads here. The problem is that, I can't seen to download them cause it says that it's access denied although I've signed in in my LJ account.

Could you please send me the downloads? I'd very much appreciate it! :)
Here's my email: kpianoplayer@gmail.com

Thanks so much!