Saturday, May 8, 2010

I hate you, BSMM Meeting.

Just reached home, and I decided to write this before all these unsatisfying thoughts go away.

I dislike hate you BSMM Meeting. Since this year. I don't know starting from which meeting, but since this year. I've always enjoyed all the meetings I had since form 2 till form 4. (I always played truant for co-curricular activities during form 1).

Not informative. Not enjoyable. Not serious. Not even a bit of standard.

No sense of respect. No sense of awareness. No sense. Nonsense.

Unorganized. Hmph.

Random changes. Random acts. Random rules. Random talk. Grr.

We were "trained" to be playful and you want us to be serious in a short time?

Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. Since its BSMM, I'm talking about, if you are not a Malaysian, you do not need to understand this idiom.

How can I concentrate and remember and learn when I didn't made them into practical? Those activities were quite useless since they're played for a sense to win, not a sense to save.

Even though I've joined the first aid team, I don't get to do anything. Because?

Someone always want to do it.

And now you blame me for not knowing anything.


So, just now's meeting. The game was a mess. *sigh* I don't know what to say...

And that false alarm... Let me clarify somethings.
1. If none go, of course we do not have first aid qualities. Get scolded.
2. If some go, it means not all go. Get scolded.
3. If all go, it means crowding, which is against the BASIC first aid principle. Get scolded.
4. Whatever we do. Get scolded.
Tada. I DESPISE YOU (not only a person)! Thank you very much. You're welcome. No apologies for you. No apologies will be accepted.

Critics and flaggings are welcomed.


Damn serious bad mood =.=

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