Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inoue Joe composes for Orimori's Exercise!

Credits to sdrgfhjghj @ YT

CUTE RIGHT? XD And how Joe sung, "I'm gonna kick your stupid, little, puny *ss", shocked me. XD

So I've ripped it off YouTube and decided to share with you all, Joe fans out there!
Quality: LOW! I have no idea how to rip it off HQ-ly. XD
Dimension: Not sure. I don't know how to measure. But its the same size as the YouTube one ;)

.avi file
for your computer viewing!

.mp4 file
for your computer viewing!

.3gp file
for your mobile phone viewing!

Also, I've ripped the audio out of it too. XD
WHOLE: 1:59
CUT: 1:51

.mp3 file
whole video (which means the intro part talking and cute intro music)

cut ver. (starts only when Joe sings the puny thing XD)

Wait. Now I'm not sure.. I can't read Japanese actually, so I just banged myself into naming all the files! XD
Oriraji? Orimori? Tai_(can't read)__? LOL, whatever. Tell me if you can read it! XD

currently listening to Joe and someone (dunno who)'s pink talk on "It's Joe Time! vol.8". LOL, they keep censoring words. And Joe said 'sperm' and 'semen'. WHAT'S. XD He even said 'oppai (breast)'! OMGGG?
Haih, guys, can't be helped. XD

OK, now for disclaimers. Haha, I'm making this a long post while listening to Joe and that person (I think is DJ) in "It's Joe Time! vol. 8" being all hyper. OMG and Joe just cursed, "f*cking ***hole!" XD OMG.

Disclaimer: Video from YouTube! No reposting anything elsewhere! If wanna share, please link to this post~ Comments are loved ^^d

OMG, "It's Joe Time!" is quite... LOL? XD vol.8 played a short excerpt of Closer eng.ver. and a short excerpt of Kaze no Gotoku and ended with GO★, of course they played some other singer's songs in the middle too [which is Summer Frequence by TOTALFAT and some song by Ivory7_(something I cannot get)__]. Shall listen to vol. 9 tomorrow XD

Oh BTW! I've only became a (REAL) fan of Joe on 10th June 2010! I've known him since "Closer" days (yeahhh, Naruto XD) but I've only recently.. Fell in love with him? XD /slaughtered


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