Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inoue Joe's blog new header!

I awake this morning.. And with my mobile, I went to Joe's blog to see for updates. And he updated!




Yesh, because I was on mobile, so the screen was kinda small, so I just straightly scrolled down till I saw this post. Then I tried to read it (with my VERY LIMITED knowledge of Japanese character and language identification).

I only managed to "decode" a few words, which are "ブログのデザイン" -- "burogu no dezain" which translates "blog's design", "変えてもらったどー" -- "__etemora tsutadoo" which I don't even get XD But "変" means change, so I was like, "OMG HE CHANGED SOMETHING TO HIS BLOG?!", early in the morning, 6.10am, when I just woke up to go school LOL! So I quickly scrolled up and amazingly, he did! :D

Ah, now is after school so I'm on the computer, which I'm able to make a screenshot of it. LOL.

JOE'S BLOG - Joe Inoue Official Blog
(click for a larger preview, or just go to his blog)
I prefer the previous one. XD (Do you by any chance have the screenshot of it? I apparently forgot to take one =.=)

SO! I cropped the header out of his blog~ If interested, feel free to snag.

Aaaaand. Of course, with my very, VERY limited Photoshop skills, I tried to make a similar looking header just like his, to share with Joe fans out there! ♥
If you look carefully, the one I made is actually a bit darker (for the lighter Joe part) and the 4 lighter Joe's are slightly higher. Unless you want a TOTAL SIMILAR header, feel free to request and I shall work on it ;) I dared not make a total similar one as I'm afraid copyright rules are applied to the header LOL. I'm pathetic yesh I know XD
As usual, feel free to snag, but a comment is HIGHLY APPRECIATED~! Heeee~

Disclaimer: Original image from INOUE JOE OFFICIAL BLOG. Do not claim any images in this post as yours. Nothing is mine! XD Only the remade header is MADE BY ME, but not mine. Hohoho. XD And please share by linking back to this post. :D

I WANT THE LYRICS TO "WHAT IS YOUR NAME"! XD And damn, I'm so tempted to include my flailings for "Its Joe Time! vol. 9" XD Remember to listen to "Its Joe Time!"~! Volume 10 is out already~ But the most hilarious vol.8 has been removed nya~ the one about pink talk OMGGG XD

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