Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Bwuuuh. I'm kinda sick. My migraine and stomach ache already wore off, but the sore throat is coming soon (I have the pre-signs of it orz). Weather, weather, please be a bit more predictable and stable. T^T

After coming back home from school at 5.00pm yesterday, I bathed, did the laundry and ate dinner. Then, I slept from 8.00pm till 11.30pm. My mum awoke me abruptly and I got shocked. I needed to do homework. After that lecturing from teacher in front of the whole class (damn, that was embarrassing D:), I'm a lil' bit determined to abandon my fandoms to concentrate on studies. Of course, I didn't come online yesterday... And missed out one whole nice thing that happened to Joe.

@inouejoe_staff and @inouejoe was spamming with something that reads like: Mucomi + Plus. Heck, what is that? I woke at 11.30pm to realise those spammings on @inouejoe and @inouejoe_staff. Argh? Nah, tried to find somewhere to listen to it (cuz I think its a radio show?) but its only listenable in Japan. Oh. I'm still jealous of them who stays in Japan. Really. >.>

We had a talk about dreams during english class today. Nicole's recurring nightmares were seriously scary (but hilarious to us)! The first night, she dreamt that a cockroach was sleeping beside her (at 4.00am). She freaked out and woke up and kept banging on the wall, and then to be fully awake to realise nothing was beside her. The next day (also at 4.00am), she dreamt that a slug with snail head (with that antenna that comes out and goes in when you touch it) was sleeping on her. She once again freaked out and rolled her blanket (thinking of trapping the slug). She then fully awaken and slowly opened the blanket to find nothing there. The third day (also, 4.00pm), she dreamt that her bedroom door opened and Michael Jackson came walking in (this dream was after his death). He then approached her and from above, he looked down on her, which she was lying down on her bed. She awaken to find no MJ there, and her bedroom door is securely closed.

Now, how scary is that?

Today, we received our class T-shirt! Go, 5 Arif with full Powa~ : ) And please comeeee to my school carnival if you can~! : )

And we took a lot of pictures today in class!

I kept flailing: ARASHI COLOURS! ARASHI COLOURS~!!!-Filbert photography-

She claim him as her new boyfriend. LOL~ -Filbert photography-

Potential models. Front, back. -Filbert photography-

This is the back of the shirt! Sarah, is yours truly :D -Filbert photography-

Yey~~~ ^_^v -Filbert photography-

Me annoyed look. orz -Filbert photography-

Quote from someone: "We're like some performers!" Choir singers? Or something like AKB48, such large group? XD -Filbert photography-

I don't know.. SNSD's "Run Devil Run" and SHINee's "Lucifer"... Are the songs from the same composer or something...? I see signs of Satan. Devil, Lucifer.. ._. I'm not anti-fan ok! I'm just stating something weird. I don't dare to watch Lucifer though. ;)

I shall work on studying, revising, reflecting, homeworking. Shall temporarily abandon my fandoms D:

JAM lover ♥

*ps: Ai Scream by Hey! Say! JUMP is such a cute soooong~! XD

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