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I've cut out the part where Joe came in! Shall come back later some day with some explanations, flailings (+ the details given out by @inouejoe_staff & @inouejoe) because my mum is furious that I'm using the computer when I have LOADS of homework to finish ._. and post it in KOJI. ^^d

1. They played the full song of「Kaze no Gotoku」.
2. The second segment (after the song,「Kaze no Gotoku」), they had a talk and I'm really sure the BGM is「Ballerina」.
3. The ending song is「Sekai no Kakeru」, just preview, not full though. *ps: Its the BGM for J-MELO, the talk between Joe and the host, just in case you didn't realise :3
4. Of course, some talk (Joe is obsessed with manga? XD)

1. Very, very, very low quality. If you cannot stand it, please don't listen/download.
2. The audio has jumps here and there. Keep in mind, its LOW QUALITY!
3. Don't even care to claim it as yours. The quality is damn low and if you do and you get insults by other people, I'VE WARNED YOU! don't blame me, in other words
4. I upload this to share and to fill in those who didn't get to listen, until someone posts up the HQ version : )

mp3 || wma

So, this is made out of utter awesomeness. : )

[edit: 19/07, 4.49pm]
Now I'm here! I switched on the station on 12.55pm (11.55am, my time) because ACCESS TO YOU! starts at that time. I waited... Listened... Heard Forever by MONKEY MAJIK! That song is just pure awesome. Also heard Nishino's song (I forgot the title) and then...

ARASHI'S TO BE FREE. I was on MSN with Carmen at that time and I practically spammed her with hyperactiveness and we spammed each other. But I was more on listening and doing homework while she was spamming and listening at the same time LOL~

Then... I waited for about 1 hour and I decided to go to @inouejoe_staff and take a look... (because seriously, I on the volume to the MAX because I wanna record the show, and I put the earphones in so that it won't blast the house with the radio show, so its like, you can hear sounds coming out of the earphones, yet I know I cannot put them in my ear or I'll go deaf, so I was a bit... furious? XD)

They say he's scheduled to go on air on 3.00pm (2.00pm, my time) and at that time it was 2.00pm (1.00pm, my time) and I spammed Carmen. XD (Too bad I was on mobile MSN or I would've copied paste our whole conversation here. with me single-sidely flailing for Joe and our together-flail Arashi XD)

I just kept recording, and did my homework... Then it was 3.00pm (2.00pm, my time) and I spammed Carmen again.


I remembered that XD

But he wasn't on yet. =.= Waited for another 30 minutes. Then the DJ announced about blah blah someone who just released a new single titled "Kaze no Gotoku" and stuffs. "INOUE JOE DOMO!" and I shrieked. XD YEAH. XD

Then I went on @inouejoe_staff and they are fast. They posted pictures of the Omiya studio with all the fans outside.

And I spammed Carmen about HOW JEALOUS AM I of the Japanese fans. ._. Seriously. ._. Damn.

Maa, maa! So casual. Lookie at the slippers! XD


OK. Joe wasn't on long anyway, but DAMN I'M HAPPY I HEARD HIM LIVE! ♥

The songs played! See, I'm not lying. XD (BALLERINA is the BGM~ Remember! XD)

Doita~ Otsukaresama ne, Joe-kun! :D

And I still wanna hear him sing live. When can I... WHEN.. D:

Temporary JOE! Want list... XD
1. Hear him live. done~ XD
2. Hear him sing live. (in radio program or recorded performances... Whatever!)
3. See him live through tv! (live broadcasted tv program ._.)
4. See and hear him sing live! (that is, go to any showcases starring JOE!)

XD So this ends my post. I WANNA GO TO SHIMOKITAZAWA GARAGE! Someone on LJ is going. I think he's a he =X I asked him to write a report about it. Well, he said HE WILL. XD And I'm so gonna stalk his journal after he goes for the live show. JEALOUS! I ALSO WANNA SEE JOE orz

JAM lover ♥

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