Friday, July 2, 2010

I can't deny the (a)wesome.

Got attacked by bees today. And finally learned the truth that we have a beehive in our school, hence the 2nd attack. This time, it happened in the canteen.

I had to stay back to do some business selling "Icy Sticks". Hii Zen and Su Yin accompanied me to the canteen to buy my lunch. Hii Zen didn't buy anything, but Su Yin bought a can drink, called "Mountain Dew", which she said it was something like Kick-a-poo.

So I was enjoying my CHICKEN RICE (^^d) while having a chat with Su Yin and Hii Zen. Then we had a quiet moment when I concentrated on my food, Su Yin concentrated on reading the story she was reading all the while and I think Hii Zen had lotsa things going in her complicated-Einstein-liked brain. Then, we suddenly heard Su Yin said something.

"Eh hello... What are you doing here..."

Obviously there was no one else (besides the afternoon session students, which obviously Su Yin didn't know them) so we thought what happened to her. We looked at her and realised she was looking at her can drink. A bee was crawling on the straw.

I freaked out, like totally. Because Su Yin was sitting right in front of me. And the can drink has to be in front of me too. With the bee.

"OH MAI GAAHD. MAKE IT GO! MAKE IT GO!" I kept shrieking and I squeezed my fork and spoon until my knuckle turned white LOL.

"I think it wants the sweetness of the drink la," Hii Zen commented.
"Plus, its 'Mountain Dew', natural fragrance," I joined along.
"Later the bee crawl into the straw!" Hii Zen 'cursed'.

And the bee really did crawl into the straw.

"Eeew!" Hii Zen commented. Su Yin took out the straw.
"I mean, squeeze the ends of the straw so that the bee cannot come out lah"

Su Yin just left the straw alone and the bee came out of it successfully.


The bee flew away and Su Yin asked Hii Zen to take another new straw for her. She then continued and I continued, so did Hii Zen. We thought all was back to normal. That's how wrong we were.

The bee brought another friend and this time, they were more adventurous. They practically went in the bottle. DDDD:

Skip skip the Mountain Dew part. That is when more, and more, and more bees came. Well, not like the BUNCH of bees that much concentrated on a place. Around 3-6 bees were around us. Buzzing around Su Yin, Hii Zen.... My bag.. Then Velaven came along and sighted how attractive Su Yin was to attract all the bees.

Seriously, a bee actually went near her face. Damn near. Luckily she's not like me, a bee phobic. XD

Yadi yadi yada, I quickly finished my lunch and fled that horrifying place. orz

I FOUND THE THREE MUSKETEERS IN MY SCHOOL LIBRARY! Just in case you don't know, I'm really interested in reading that book. But too bad, the literature-liked version is with someone. So just now in school, I read the illustrated version, with really large writings, but its still in quite "the language" ^^d


CLICK AND SEE. He/staff/whoever-in-charged changed the theme to "Kaze no Gotoku"!
Amagad, I couldn't help but flailed. XD

First I clicked. Then I had to wait for it to load. I waited... And it loaded like this.

(click for full size)
"OMG? What happened to the web? Am I at the right page? Yeah I am ._."

And yeah, I finally realised he/staff/whoever-in-charged changed the theme! So, images on the GO~ (what a bad pun orz)

Background image~

(click for full size)

Loaded page~! XD

(click for full size)

Sets~ ♥ These can actually make good headers :D
(click each for full size :3)










And then~ I realised that because some pictures are legs only (LOL), I see that they can be combined with the top part of body! XD I didn't really care about if the hair can continue or not. But here's 2.



Aaaand an icon I made. Because I realised that the icon *points to sidebar* I had there was quite long already. Time to change! XD


Disclaimers: Images ARE NOT MINE. All taken from Editings are all done by me. Stealing is prohibited! :3

I forgot to tell readers-san about this. XD

I bought Bocho Mania 09 and Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire DVDs during the school holidays~ ♥ I love you fandom~ XD


Actually I didn't plan to flail/share about fandoms today coughJoecough because its the most tiring thing. Haha! It gets me all hyper and drains all my energy D: But still, fangirl me is unstoppable. Till then! Shall take a rest and study now. Hohoho~

JAM lover ♥

PS: I'll be catching up on Arashi fandom and Hey! Say! JUMP fandom soon enough orz. Don't ask about Mukai-sama LOL! Like as if he ever left. XD /killed.

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