Saturday, July 3, 2010


orz. Dislike dislike dislike today's co-curricular activity! D: Once again, they used raffia strings to tie our legs and mine in bruised already. orz.

Had a tragic stomach ache during tuition. I was too hungry! XD Poor me. Had tuition from 12.30pm till 7.00pm. Now, how "hardworking" am I? And Hii Zen found a white hair on my head.


I cried. Yes, I cried tears of... I don't know. Because I miss Naruto so much? Cat-san updated Kingdom of Joe with versions of Closer and one of them was Naruto.

NARUTO. The anime that made my life like this now. LOLOLOL.

And yes, its flipped orz. But don't mind. See how cool Shikamaru is? ♥

Oh. In conjunction with my reminiscing-Naruto-moment...

The first ninja I saw fighting, the first ninja I fell in love with, the ninja I admire the most. I LOVE YOU, NEJI-KUN~ ♥ ♥ ♥

To Be Free PV is out OMGGG~

I... I... Love Arashi a lot. And amazingly, I really like Nino here! Don't worry, Aibaba is still my ichiban-kun~ :D

Therefore, "To be Free" like the bird! XD (another failed pun)


Wrote this during tuition! I'm a bad student who plays with teachers' marker pens when they're not around LOLOL. Sorry for the bad picture quality.

When teacher came back and see the whiteboard filled with some random other stuffs.. He got sarcastically shocked. XD He erased everything (of course!) to teach on the next lesson. But when he erased the Arashi part of mine (my friends also did doodle on the board!), "Ohno" didn't want to disappear LOL~ It was left there as a visible stain! XD

(the other pictures)

Idaskrit! XD

Syeefa wannabe :D

Hey! Say! JUMP
ADLFHODAUHODSAOF JUMP NO. 1 LEAKED! Me has downloaded all the songs and the scans for the booklets~ Now pray that I'll meet Yap-san and I can have my copy of the album~!

Somethings I love from the RE booklet..

Can't be helped. It has to be Arioka-kun~ ♥ DAMN CUTE PERSON!

And sad to say, I've ordered the Limited Edition, but I so prefer the Regular Edition scans! D:
(the pages of Daiki in Limited Edition)

-like as if he's suffering from constipation orz


See? The RE is better. But... Argh, I don't even know what's the difference between Limited Edition and Regular Edition orz. Ah. XD But I'll still love JUMP. ;)

AND LISTEN TO THE ALBUM! Its damn awesome I cannot stop flailing! I LOVE HEY! SAY! JUMP~~~~

Watched Gegege no Nyobo this morning on NHK~! ON MY TV xD Once I on the TV, just in time to catch Mukai-sama's face occupying 80% of my TV screen. A Mukai-sama with specs is looooved~! ♥ But I didn't get to finish watching that episode D: I had to go tuition LOLS~

Isn't my day filled with my fandom? XD

I'm gonna catch up on Naruto now. Nah, I shall just start from the very beginning again. I really liked those days of Naruto when they were young. Dorky Naruto, inner Sakura, cool-but-I-think-he's-a-caring-person Sasuke, MY AWESOME NEJI! ♥, genius-and-is-my-twin Shikamaru, pretty Ino and many more ninjas that I'm so lazy to list orz. Seriously, those days were much more fun than Shippuuden! I watched few episodes of Shippuuden and was like "D:" all the way and I stopped watching and read the manga. Then the manga too made me "D:" all the way, and I totally stopped on the fandom! ):

I AM GONNA REVIVE THE NINJA IN ME! Gogo, Ultimate Miki-chan~ Yeah, that's where I got the inspiration for my blog link. All because of Naruto.

Gah, one day, when I'm not lazy, I'm gonna make a post about how Naruto came into my life and changed me totally. Heehee~ Till then!

*listens to JUMP no. 1* ♥

JAM lover ♥

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