Friday, July 30, 2010

RantiMiki #6

I NEED TA RANT. BADLY. And this shall be the best spot.

I've said in one of my previous blog post that I shall cut down on fangirling and abandon my fandoms to focus on my studies. I have exams coming up and yet I'm still online and fangirling. It seems that no matter what, I have not the motivation to study. Some fangirls can go, "ARASHI will support me, so I must study hard!", that kind of mentality. But in my case, although I think like that, I still cannot. Weak willed, people say?

Ah, not only I want to abandon my fandom and failed dramatically, I actually made myself into new fandoms. NOW HOW FAILED. Which means I need more time to stalk them. Who?

BREAKERZ (or to be bias, DAIGO) and Perfume.

Stalking DAIGO himself is already really, really time consuming. I haven't even started on full force to stalk Perfume yet. I've only watched their PVs. Man, I'm so dead.


Number of fandoms I have now?
  1. Mukai-sama
  2. Joe
  3. Arashi
  4. HSJ
  5. BREAKERZ (or DAIGO, to be bias ;p)
  6. FLOW
  7. Little by Little
  8. Perfume
  9. Home Made Kazoku
Many more to come. I'm so dead, so dead. How am I able to abandon you, fandoms. HOW. D:

I. I hate to say this, but... If I were to abandon fandoms, I HAVE TO ABANDON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. (for the time being)

OK. I'm still sad.

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