Monday, August 9, 2010

My parents ♥

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Day three - your parents

I shall start with the fake ones first, then only with the real ones ne~ :)

Dear (Choi) Minho papa,
You are my papa because you are my MOM's husband :P I've saw you a few times on TV, the Dream Team or something like that! XD. Not much gratitude to you though. My impression on you? HAIRY! XD *that's what MOM told me ._.*

Dear MOM, Syeefa;
MOM, thank you for all the care for the past few months! ♥ Shall we continue flailing DAIGO together? \m/^3^
Love Sarah

Dear MOTHER, Meiji;
MOTHER, thank you for all the care for the past few months! ♥ Let's not stop irritating MOM yeah~ XD
Love Sarah

Dear Mummy P, Philip;
Well, you suddenly said that you're my mother, despite being a guy :P I doubt you even remember about this, since it's been a while since we talked, right? But I miss you XD Kid, PMR this year, do well! Though you won't see this XD
Love Sarah

Dear Jyen Yiee (who claim herself to be my biological MOM, and Syeefa being the fake =.=),
You're a hell lotsa annoyance, but I do enjoy that! Although you didn't contribute to any growth in me like how MOM and MOTHER supported me XD But I really like your presence :) perhaps you won't think of me as such a big part in your life....
Love Sarah

---Now, my real papa and mama, my parents, biological parents... ♥---
Dear Pa,
I love you! I know, I've never said that face-to-face with you before, that's because I don't know how to express myself. But I do ♥ Sometimes you may seem annoying as a parent, always nagging at me, but I do know its for my own good! But sometimes it goes way beyond, I cannot stand it, even mummy also can't ne~ Please be a bit slow-paced, stop rushing around! Eat slowly and drink slowly~~~ Enjoy life! You may miss out lotsa things ne ♥ you, Pa!

Dear Mummy,
I know, I know... You've called me to stop playing/using the computer for more than a year ago...

You have made great efforts to keep this family running; all those hard work and those scoldings you give me... I'll try to keep myself away from this temptation of the internet! :D I'm sorry for all those pains I've caused you, Mummy. I know I'm not the filial child you hoped for me to be, but I'll try my best. I ♥ you, Mummy!

SARAH, your daughter


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