Sunday, September 5, 2010

[masterpost] Write a letter

Write a letter to each person listed. You don't have to add their name just your feelings about them and the subject mentioned. The person can be anyone from a real life friend, online people or even your favorite entertainer. Just write your feelings, it's good therapy for the mind, heart and soul. Express yourself.

Day one - your best friend ( DAIGO + Caramental ♥ )
Day two - your crush ( Joe + Daiki + Crush-san )
Day three - your parents ( My parents ♥ )
Day four - your siblings ( Oh-niichan, Ryu-tan & i-Shake :D )
Day five - your dreams
Day six - a stranger
Day seven - your ex/love/crush
Day eight - your favorite internet friend
Day nine - someone you wish you could meet
Day ten - someone you don't talk to as much as you’d like
Day eleven - someone deceased you wish you could talk to
Day twelve - someone you hate/caused you a lot of pain
Day thirteen - someone you wish would forgive you
Day fourteen - someone you drifted away from
Day fifteen - the person you miss the most
Day sixteen - someone that's not in your state/country
Day seventeen - someone from your childhood
Day eighteen - the person you wish you could be
Day nineteen - someone that pesters your mind, good or bad
Day twenty - the one that broke your heart the most
Day twenty one - someone you judged on first impression
Day twenty two - someone you want to give a second chance to
Day twenty three - the last person you kissed
Day twenty four - the person who gave you your favorite memory
Day twenty five - the person you know going through the hardest time
Day twenty six - the last person you made a pinky promise to
Day twenty seven - the friendliest person you knew for one day
Day twenty eight - someone that changed your life
Day twenty nine - the person you want to tell everything to but are afraid to
Day thirty - your reflection in the mirror

Feel free to snag, take it to your own journal/blog, make full use of this. :) Challenge yourself! Letters will sometimes be in my LiveJournal or in this blog over here, but the masterpost stays here because I love me bloggie! ♥

Links will be bracketed with its respective title. Some has 2 because I lead a double life; a fangirl life and a normal girl life. Although they sound the same, I often daydream and make up my own relations. So, figures! <3